At a Dave Cofell performance you will find a crafted mix of music including covers of Folk, Blues, Jazz, Classic Country, Classic Rock, Novelty Songs, Classical Guitar, Clawhammer Banjo and many Original songs that may have the flavor of any or all of these genres. You will hear the influences of Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Fats Waller, Arlo Guthrie, Hank Williams Sr., Howlin' Wolf, Pete Seeger, Stan Rogers, John Denver, Leadbelly, Bing Crosby and many others.

My most recent album, "A Thousand Shades of Blue" (2016), steps things up a notch from my previous recordings and presents songs that are more than just "Traditional Blues". From the Roadhouse Blues of "Anything You Want" to the Country Ballad "Back In The Day" to the introspective "Only For One Moment" to the Revival Tent flavored "Old Man Walking", this CD has something for everyone. This album was made possible through a grant from the Central Minnesota Arts Board, thanks to funds provided by the McKnight Foundation.

“No Substitute (For You)” (2012) was my first album to present some of my songs in a "band" arrangement with other musicians. With the help of some very talented friends, it features a variety of styles – instrumental banjo tunes, moody folk songs, jazzy novelty songs, rocking blues and R&B. One track features my daughter, Emiliana, reading from her prizewinning short story, “Eight”.

My first CD, “The Road Ahead” (2009), was recorded in the basement of my home and was meant to have the sound of what you would hear if you listened to me in a coffee shop. Just me with a guitar and harmonica singing some of my favorite original songs.

For the past 6 or 7 years I have been associated with a very talented singer-songwriter, Adam Hammer. In the course of a year we play about 50 concerts together in places ranging from small coffee shops and bistros to colleges and theatres. In addition to this I play +150 solo gigs/cities a year in a wide range of venues across the country.

In the course of an evening's music I try to visit both the dark and light sides of life. There are a lot of woeful things in this world, and yet so much to laugh about!

I've seen a lot of sadness, unkindness, stupidity and disease. I've witnessed death in several forms, not all of them bad. I’ve seen birth and it is both beautiful and horrible. I've traveled to many parts of the world and met all kinds of people: rich, poor, content, dissatisfied, hedonic, hungry, greedy, selfless, distracted, focused, educated, ignorant, inebriated and sober. And with such variety to our species, there is an endless wealth of material to mine for songs and stories!

I am very lucky to have so many friends, family and fans! Thank you for listening, thank you for reading this. I hope to see you at one of my upcoming concert appearances!

Dave Cofell

Thank you to everyone for all the support!



Here are the upcoming dates and locations where I will be playing.

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Current Featured Video - "Tic"
at The Portland Rose Festival, June 4th, 2015

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A Thousand Shades of Blue

My latest release "A Thousand Shades of Blue" (August 2016) takes everything a step further than my previous recordings. Featured performers include: Jeff Vee on Percussion, Tommy Vee on Bass, Paul Drinkwine on Cello and Harmonica, Randy Mickelberg on Electric Guitar and Adam Hammer on Electric Guitar and Backing Vocals. This CD was made possible through a grant from the Central Minnesota Arts Board, thanks to funds provided by the McKnight Foundation.



No Substitute (For You)

Released in March of 2012, my 2nd CD picks up where my first one left off. I have a group of very talented musicians accompanying me, The Great Bluesman John Wilber on Harmonica, Fast-fingered Randy Mickelberg on Lead Guitar, Jammin' James Caron on percussion, and Adam Hammer on Guitar, backing vocals and T-Shakers.

The Road Ahead

My first CD, released in 2009, was recorded and produced under the premise that this was what I would sound like at that time if you heard me in a coffee shop, minus the coffee grinder. Just me, my guitar and harmonica. Contains some of my personal favorite songs like "The Escape", "Beat and Blue", "The Land" and "The Road Ahead".

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A Thousand Shades of Blue   No Substitute (For You)   The Road Ahead

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A Thousand Shades of Blue   No Substitute (For You)   The Road Ahead



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